London Stock Exchange welcomes the US FinTech Mission to the UK

London Stock Exchange welcomes the US FinTech Mission to the UK

Today London Stock Exchange welcomes UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) and their USA FinTech Mission to the UK. Seven top financial technology firms from the United States were selected from a competitive pool by a panel of experts in US financial technology. The mission will highlight the innovative technologies emerging from across the US while also promoting the UK as a destination for FinTech investment.

Vice Consul Maria Deam of the British Consulate New York and Cammila Garcia of the British Consulate Chicago are leading the mission to network the delegates with industry experts and commercial contacts indispensable to international growth, as well as guiding the delegates on the steps needed to expand their growing businesses into the United Kingdom.

This is the first US-wide FinTech mission promoting inward investment into the UK. After a four-day round of meetings, networking, and pitching in both London and Manchester, these companies will build strong connections to help launch their businesses in the UK. In demonstrating the USA’s FinTech talent, this inward mission will showcase the many exciting expansion opportunities into the UK’s tech sector, and reinforce the UK’s reputation as the FinTech capital of Europe.

> Bridge21
William Madden, Founder & CEO

Bridge21 lets individuals and small businesses send money anywhere in the world, and store it in any currency with their computer or mobile phone. The banking systems of the world are incompatible, so we use digital currencies like Bitcoin to connect them. We are currently serving customers in Mexico, China, and the US. We plan to expand to India, the UK, and EU next. Headquartered in Denver, CO.

> HedgeChatter
James Ross, Co-Founder

HedgeChatter provides simplified, actionable, social signals for the US Equities Market to identify market and equity moves ahead of technical indicators.

> Pangea Money Transfer
Nishu Thukral, CEO

Pangea Money Transfer is a mobile-first remittance platform that allows users to send money internationally in less than 30 seconds. We currently allow senders to transfer funds from the US to Latin America into thousands of retail locations, any bank account or directly into any debit card. With Pangea, users can save time and up to 75% in fees. Headquartered in Chicago, IL.

Julie Lerner, Founder & CEO

Futures exchanges serve as a source of price discovery and risk management for commodity markets, but they are not well suited for the buying and selling of actual cargoes of the underlying commodity. That's where PanXchange and its founder, former Cargill sugar trader Julie Lerner, see an opportunity. The Denver-based software platform allows buyers and sellers to negotiate online over the specific details of a trade, including the location and timing of delivery and the exact quantity and quality of the commodity. The company has been live in East Africa for more than a year and a half, offering the negotiation and trade of more than 20 different agricultural commodities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In the fall of 2016, PanXchange went live in U.S. feed grains with more than 50 traders and has already doubled the member base. Moreover, Lerner explains the value of the data generated on the system, "we are gathering unprecedented, objective price discovery in real time." Headquartered in Denver, CO.

> Spend Labs
Eric Chan, Head of Growth

We are a software company focused on building spending controls, expense management and lifecycle management for corporate credit cards and purchase cards. We initial target issuing banks who in turn can provide digital tools to their business customers. Headquartered in Oakland, CA.

> SPHERE Technology Solutions
Bill Noonan, Senior Director

SPHERE is a cybersecurity company that helps clients secure their most important data. We work with global financial institutions to help them understand what they have, who owns the data and who has access to it. Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ.