London Stock Exchange welcomes Susquehanna

The London Stock Exchange welcomes Susquehanna International Securities Limited (SIS) ……….
Susquehanna International Securities Limited (SIS)1 is a member of the Susquehanna International Group of Companies (“SIG”), a global quantitative trading firm. SIS, a leading Options market maker in Europe, is known for using its technology, risk management skills, modelling expertise quantitative analysis and capital commitment to make consistent and competitive markets across a broad range of options and ETFs. SIS is a market maker on most major European exchanges and publishes competitive prices to these exchanges continuously during the day. In 2015 SIS accounted for approximately 11% of all options volume traded across all European derivative exchanges2

SIS wants the listed options markets in Europe to grow and, to this end, it has been at the forefront of new product innovation. In particular, it has led the way as a market maker in new products such as ETF Options, Sector Options and especially Weekly Options. SIS is delighted to be involved in the London Stock Exchange’s launch of FTSE100 Weekly options. John Keogh, Managing Director of SIS, commented; “We are committed to working with exchanges to list and provide liquidity in European options products. As well as providing more precise hedging, weekly options afford investors more direct exposure to events and we tend to see index weekly volumes increase around large macro events. The launch of LSE’s weekly options on the FTSE 100 index is particularly timely given the forthcoming UK referendum on EU membership.”

1 Susquehanna International Securities is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
2 Based on exchange data and SIS’ own data.