london stock exchange welcomes pitch@palace global 3.0

london stock exchange welcomes pitch@palace global 3.0

The Duke of York founded Pitch@Palace in 2014, recognising the profound role that entrepreneurship is playing, and will continue to play in the future of the United Kingdom and Global economies.

Pitch@Palace Global 3.0 is the platform to showcase Entrepreneurs from across the world. It aims to support Global Entrepreneurs by connecting them to the Pitch@Palace Global networks and helping amplify their businesses. Being part of the Pitch@Palace Global network will build connectivity between countries and other key markets.

As part of their experience, the Entrepreneurs involved in Pitch@Palace Global 3.0 were able to visit the London Stock Exchange, one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges, to take part in the Market Opening Ceremony.

The Entrepreneurs taking part at Pitch@Palace Global 3.0 are:

UNITED KINGDOM Pitch@Palace 9.0
VChain Technology: VChain Technology is an award winning blockchain capability for aviation security. It validates passenger identity through proprietary triple patented technology.

UNITED KINGDOMPitch@Palace 10.0
BioSure: BioSURE is an HIV self-test kit that enables people to accurately determine their HIV status at a time and place that is convenient for them.

UGANDA - Pitch@Palace Africa 2.0
Matibabu: Matibabu is a portable hardware device that offers cost-effective and rapid early diagnosis of malaria, reducing the amount of medication, duration of treatment and number of people suffering severe effects of malaria infection.

Alchemy Food Tech: Alchemy Foodtech is a food-med tech company working to reverse the rise in the number of people suffering from diabetes. It has created cooking ingredients that can reduce the blood sugar spike of refined carbohydrate staples.

THAILANDPitch@Palace ASEAN 1.0
Globish Academia: Globish Academia is a Thailand based online English learning platform that aims to develop soft skills in the next generation of learners.

MALAYSIA - Pitch@Palace ASEAN 1.0
KLEAN: KLEAN provides a reverse vending ecosystem that rewards people for recycling PET bottles and aluminium cans through an innovative points scheme.

AUSTRALIAPitch@Palace Australia 2.0
Powerwells: PowerWells is a social impact start-up that aims to supply electric light and mobile phone charging to people living in remote communities.

AUSTRALIAPitch@Palace Australia 2.0
OncoRes Medical: OncoRes Medical is developing a high-resolution imaging tool to allow surgeons to accurately remove tumours, reducing the need for additional surgery, which currently occurs in 30% of cases.

CHINAPitch@Palace China 2.0
China Craftsman: China Craftmanship combines Chinese traditional craftsmanship with modern fashion designs to create a business model with commercial value, preserving cultural value in high quality products and the creation of special tourist routes.

CHINAPitch@Palace China 2.0 aims to create the safest, most reliable and state-of-the-art technologies for autonomous vehicles. It has developed a full-stack system to accurately monitor the vehicle’s surroundings, predict motion behaviours of other road users, and precisely plan reactions accordingly.

CHINAPitch@Palace China 2.0
YI Tunnel: YI Tunnel is among the first companies to make use of AI in the retail sector. Its technology has the potential to overhaul the entire retail process, including data collection, storage, analysis and optimisation using its computer vision, graphics and Convolutional Neural Network technologies.

CANADA - Pitch@Palace Commonwealth 1.0
Orpyx Medical Technologies: Orpyx is revolutionising diabetes care with a system that delivers targeted advice to patients to manage and prevent diabetic foot ulcers and amputation.

BAHRAINPitch@Palace GCC 1.0
onegcc: onegcc has developed smart algorithms to help match job seekers with suitable employers based on their skills instead of their job titles and academic backgrounds.

BAHRAINPitch@Palace GCC 1.0
ALWARI: AlRawi’s App crosses borders through creation of digital audio books and distribution of Arabic books in a range of languages.

Artelus Software House: Artelus Software House uses artificial intelligence to provide screening solutions for the billions of people around the world who do not have access to primary healthcare screening.

Foodate: Foodate is food-tech service provider with a mission to end hunger and reduce greenhouse gases by delivering unused cooked food to those in need.

HUNGARYPitch@Palace Hungary 1.0
Cogito: Cogito provides an e-learning platform for Universities to create a reliable knowledge base and increase their students’ performance while also building a community.

HUNGARYPitch@Palace Hungary 1.0
CollMot Entertainment: CollMot Entertainment is a leading producer of drone light shows performed at festivals and outdoor events around the world. Its productions feature multidrone formations, 3D animated drone sculptures, drone-launched fireworks,‘light paintings’ and human-drone interaction.

HUNGARYPitch@Palace Hungary 1.0
Gloveye: GlovEye is a tactile feedback glove, which allows the blind to read printed text as Braille.

SAFA: SAFA helps educators and educational leaders utilise the power of technology to transform teaching and learning.

Agrosphere: Agrosphere reinvents agriculture by monitoring crops with cutting edge technologies and optimizing their growth and health using machine learning algorithms.

Speratum: Speratum’s mission is to deliver hope to cancer patients through innovation.

VIETNAM - Pitch@Palace Vietnam 1.0
LOGIVAN: LOGIVAN seeks to be the “Uber for trucks”, unifying the fragmented trucking industry in Vietnam. Its truck platform has 16,000 trucks available.

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