London Stock Exchange welcomes NTPC

London Stock Exchange welcomes NTPC

London Stock Exchange today is proud to welcome NTPC the first ever Indian quasi-sovereign to issue a Masala bond. We are delighted that NTPC chose London, the global home for Masala bonds, for its landmark bond listing.

NTPC, India’s leading energy conglomerate, issued a green Masala bond raising INR 20 billion (c. $300 million) with 7.48 per cent annual yield, securing high quality investor support from across Europe and Asia. The bond is Climate Bonds Initiative certified and listed on London Stock Exchange’s green bonds segment.

NTPC will invest the proceeds of the green Masala bond in the renewable energy market as it seeks to add more wind and solar power projects to its portfolio, supporting the Indian government’s ambition to generate 175GW of renewable energy by 2022.

Mr. Kulamani Biswal, Finance Director, NTPC Ltd on the occasion of listing its Green Masala bonds on London Stock Exchange said:

“I am delighted to be opening trading on London Stock Exchange this morning to celebrate NTPC’s milestone bond listing. NTPC’s Green Masala Bond offering with third party assurance and Climate Bonds Initiative certification, reflects our commitment to renewable energy in the times ahead. We are keen to tap a new and international investor base for our renewable energy programme and access offshore financing without the associated exchange risks, which we can achieve through this issuance on London Stock Exchange.

We are also grateful to London stock Exchange for guiding us through the process of listing and attracting international investors into the first ever Green Masala bond offering from India."