london stock exchange welcomes nlb celebrating 1 year as a listed company

NLB d.d. is a member of NLB Group, the largest international financial group with headquarters in Slovenia and an exclusive strategic interest in South-eastern Europe. In addition to NLB d.d., a main entity in Slovenia, NLB Group is comprised of six subsidiary banks in SEE, several companies for ancillary services (asset management, insurance, real estate management, etc.).

NLB d.d is publicly listed company, its shares having been admitted for trading on the Ljubljana and London stock exchanges in November 2018. Some of the most renowned global financial investors joined our journey as our new shareholders. The trust that was showed by them is a confirmation of NLB Group’s strong current performance and a perspective value-creating future.

We are focused on delivering the best customer experience on the market. We are building unique omnichannel product distribution, partnership programme, and end-to-end customer solutions. Innovation is at the core of our being since NLB d.d. has traditionally been a market leader in innovation.

Furthermore, NLB d.d. is not merely a bank. In addition to good business performance and financial results that contribute to economic development of Slovenia, we also wish to shape and improve the social environment we live in, as well as contribute to better quality of life. Slovenia and with it the entire South-eastern Europe is our home. The heart and the head of the NLB Group are situated here, therefore our wish and our ambition is to see this region thrive. We accept this role with pride and great responsibility. That is why we excel not only at providing innovative solutions for our clients and sharing our knowledge and our expertise, but also at recognising, nurturing, mentoring, and developing talents and supporting them on their path – whether they are talents in culture, sports, or in our banking area.