London Stock Exchange welcomes The London Conversations

London Stock Exchange welcomes The London Conversations

"The London Conversations" is an outstanding five-day conference focusing on the power of extraordinary relationships. The conference brings together corporate offices and directors from Fortune 500 companies and their equivalents. One of the principle goals of the London Conversations is to promote the diversification of corporate governance by increasing the numbers and percentages of Women and diverse ethnic groups in the C-suites a as well as boards of directors. The London Conversations seeks to create an unrivalled series of events for connections, collaborations, and conversations, focusing on why diverse ideas and different perspectives make good business sense.

In addition to the ringing of the bell to mark the beginning of the trading day. The programs will begin at the historic venue Mansion House where they will meet with the Lord Mayor. The Monday program will feature discussions of the Davies Review and the Parker Review on the need to diversify global corporate governance, additional programs will include artificial intelligence and the technology and presentations by former Vice President Karume of Tanzania and President Ondimba of Gabon.

The Tuesday program at the School of African & Oriental Studies (SOAS) will focus on the political ramifications of rising populism in the West, as well as perspectives from the African Continent, Europe and the Americas.

The Wednesday program will be at the Bank of England and will focus on global economic growth with an emphasis on emergence of the African Continent and the increasing global influence of Asia. It will also include the impact of Brexit, Climate Change and the concerns related to growing income disparity.

The includes a plethora of functions across London including receptions at Number 10 Downing Street, The Palace of Westminster and the Foreign and Commonwealth office.

The bell will be rung by Walter H. White, Jr a non-executive director of Church Mutual Insurance Company & a partner of McGuireWoods, he will be accompanied by Richard Poirier the Church Mutual CEO.