London Stock Exchange welcomes Investor Roadshow for Brazil's New Economy

On Thursday, December 8th, London Stock Exchange hosts the Official Market Opening Ceremony of the inaugural “Investor Roadshow for Brazil’s New Economy", welcoming global investors, financial institutions, government officials, companies and distinguished guests showcasing Brazil’s low carbon investment opportunities being offered by some of Brazil’s leading companies and banks.

With the global efforts to align economic development with the commitments and goals laid out in the Paris Climate Agreement, this first of its kind investor roadshow will focus on Brazil’s growing potential in becoming a world leader in providing investment opportunities that contribute to a low carbon economy. Brazil’s low carbon investment potential is currently estimated at USD 152 billion between now and 2030 to achieve the targets and ambitions laid out in its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

Nikhil Rathi, CEO of London Stock Exchange plc said:

“Today we see the enormous green opportunities offered by Brazil’s leading companies and banks. As the third largest emerging economy Brazil is well placed to become a world leader in the transition to a low carbon economy. As the most international capital market London is proud to be the ideal partner to make that happen.”

“Four Brazilian companies, worth over half a billion pounds, as well as a dozen Brazilian local government bonds are already listed on London’s markets.”

“With its deep pool of capital, and world leading expertise in green and sustainable finance, it is clear London is well positioned to support Brazil’s long-term green financing needs.”