London Stock Exchange welcomes Falcon Media House

London Stock Exchange welcomes Falcon Media House

Falcon Media House (LSE: FAL), the international media group focused on the over-the-top (‘OTT’) video streaming market, is listing on London’s main market on Monday after raising £4 million in a placing of new ordinary shares at 25p, lending to a market capitalisation upon admission at £13.8 million. The funds raised will be used to transform Falcon into a leading OTT broadcast media company based around Q-Flow, its revolutionary technology, which is proven to prevent the frequent loss of signal or ‘buffering’ that currently blights the OTT video streaming market.

The OTT market is at the forefront of a broadcasting revolution that is being driven by consumers, specifically the millennial demographic, who are increasingly demanding access to personalised video content and packages ‘anytime, anywhere, and on any device’. Existing technology has struggled to deliver a seamless service and as a result users have had to settle for frequent loss of signal or poor quality. By eliminating buffering, the patent protected Q-Flow software provides a step change in consumers’ experience in terms of quality, as well as generating significant time and cost savings for network providers. The Company’s strategy is to position Q-Flow as a key enabling technology for the OTT market, which is forecast to grow from US$28 billion in 2015 to US$62 billion by 2020. Three licence agreements for Q-Flow have already been signed with network providers around the world, which are at various stages of implementation.

As well as licensing out Q-Flow to network providers, Falcon is using its proprietary technology as a platform upon which to build a vertically integrated OTT business of its own, including a Direct-to-Consumer branded OTT TV service delivering live and video-on-demand sports and lifestyle content; and a production business generating its own content. Management has identified sports and sports lifestyle programming as a key target market and is looking to achieve in the ‘live’ sports video market what the likes of Netflix have accomplished with movies. Already, Falcon has signed agreements to acquire broadcasting rights to certain championship games and special events sponsored by the Eastern College Athletic Conference (‘ECAC’), the largest US east coast sports college franchise.

Led by Executive Chairman Gert Rieder, the management team has extensive telecom, digital media and technology experience combined with proven track records in the equity capital markets as it looks to build a UK based technology and media champion.

Falcon Media House Executive Chairman, Gert Rieder, commented:

"The OTT market has ushered in a broadcasting revolution that has irrevocably transformed the way that millions of people across the globe choose, access and watch multimedia content. Yet until now, achieving seamless streaming has evaded even the largest providers in this explosive market. Through our patented technology, Falcon has the capability to deliver an unrivalled, buffer-free viewing experience to a new style of audience.

"With Quiptel’s technology, Q-Flow, forming the foundation of our development strategy, we have built a global broadcasting group with the potential to deliver across the core areas of the OTT market: seamless streaming, direct distribution, and compelling content. We believe that our Teevee distribution platform can be the ‘Netflix for Sports’, powered by Quiptel’s technology and partnered with Teevee Makers, our media and production studio company. With deals already in place for Quiptel with the likes of Tata, the world’s largest global network, and Teevee Makers with the likes of the ECAC, these agreements underpin the ambition of Falcon Media House and secure us rich content, scale and reach.

"By capitalising on our leadership team’s unparalleled telecommunications, technology and media experience, we are tapping into the insatiable demand for a more personalised and flexible multimedia experience, and in turn establish Falcon into a UK leader in the OTT market."