london stock exchange welcomes expat asset management celebrating its ETF issuance on the main market

Expat Asset Management is the largest wealth manager in Bulgaria and the only ETF provider from Central and Eastern Europe. The company was established in 2006 and (as of January 2018) manages a family of 11 passive UCITS ETFs tracking the performance of most major local equity indices in the CEE region, including those of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

Expat’s ETF products are unique market propositions providing country-specific exposure in the CEE region to international investors. They are designed to be major highways for capital flows to and from the equity markets of the CEE countries, linking the stock exchanges of those countries with the financial centres of London and Frankfurt. The funds make it easy and cost-effective for investors to take and liquidate an exposure to the specific countries in the region, overcoming deficiencies such as lack of liquidity, lack of access, cross-border settlement issues, high execution costs, large spreads, FX conversion issues and other technical factors typical for many of these markets.

Expat’s ETFs have the following characteristics:
- UCITS-compliant
- using direct physical replication
- passive equity index trackers
- open-ended, providing daily liquidity

The company listed its first ETF for trading on the London Stock Exchange in October 2018. Expat also manages hundreds of individual investment portfolios for clients from more than 30 countries, and 3 mutual funds with global focus. It is independently owned and aspires to provide optimized cost-effective solutions with first-mover advantage in niche categories.