London Stock Exchange welcomes Etalon Group

Etalon Group is one of Russia’s largest and longest-established residential real estate development and construction companies.  The Company will celebrate five years since 20 April 2011, when its GDRs were listed on the London Stock Exchange and began trading on the International Order Book.  In the five years since its IPO, Etalon Group has grown its business significantly, increasing deliveries from 209 ths sqm in 2010 to 502 ths sqm in 2015. Funding from the IPO was used to acquire new projects in the Moscow and St. Petersburg Metropolitan Areas, which has enabled the Company to grow and significantly diversify its sales portfolio, while maintaining sufficient landbank to continue with its construction pipeline for years to come.

Etalon Group CEO Anton Evdokimov said: “We highly value the relationships we have developed with the investment community and are grateful to our shareholders for their continued interest in Etalon Group. Since our IPO in 2011, we have achieved impressive results, with the open market value of our landbank more than doubling in value from RUB 43,171 million in 2010 to RUB 104,384 million for 2015. Over the past five years we also increased delivery volumes by 140%, and significantly diversified our sales portfolio.  We have met our strategic performance targets, including recently achieving a 50/50 balance in sales between the St. Petersburg and Moscow Metropolitan Areas.”