London Stock Exchange welcomes delegates from Morocco

London Stock Exchange welcomes delegates from Morocco

Throughout 86 years of its history, the Casablanca Stock Exchange includes 75 listed companies capitalized at nearly £ 34 billion, ranking it 3rd in Africa.

The Casablanca Stock Exchange: 2020 strategic overview

The Casablanca Stock Exchange aims at positioning itself as an attractive market towards financing the Moroccan and wider African economy.

To do so, the Casablanca Stock Exchange has partnered with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) enabling it to deploy a new trading platform (Millennium IT), to promote SME financing through the launch of the Elite program in Morocco, as well as to implement new products and markets and a new adapted market infrastructure.
The Casablanca Stock Exchange organizes the Capital Market Days in London
In the context of its outreach to the international financial community, the Casablanca Stock Exchange organizes with the London Stock Exchange Group, the 1st edition of the "Morocco, Your Footprint in Africa" conference.
This event, to be held on the 21st and 22nd days of April 2016 in London, is the opportunity to provide international investors – namely the investment funds, private-equity, target companies of the Casablanca Finance City - with investment opportunities offered by Morocco in the financial services, energy and mining, telecoms and NTI and logistics, as well as the benefits of Casablanca as a regional financial hub.

In this connection, Mr. Karim Hajji, CEO of the Casablanca Stock Exchange says: “We are pleased to organize such an important event with our strategic partner the London Stock Exchange Group. We hope through this event to highlight the economic opportunities provided by Morocco to investors around the world, from the City, the leading financial market. This is why we are currently developing many projects with LSEG, among which the ELITE program, launched early April to support Moroccan companies seeking to expand through financing that meets their growth ambition”.