London Stock Exchange Group welcomes Pitch@Palace Global

London Stock Exchange Group welcomes Pitch@Palace Global

The Duke of York founded Pitch@Palace in 2014, recognising the profound role that entrepreneurship is playing, and will continue to play in the future of the United Kingdom and Global economies.

Entrepreneurs engage in the Pitch@Palace programme through a series of events that offer mentoring and networking opportunities. They are invited to give a three minute business pitch to an influential audience including CEOs, investors, venture capitalists, mentors and potential partners.

Pitch@Palace Global forms part of Pitch@Palace and aims to help tech Entrepreneurs from a range of overseas markets build access and connectivity around the world. It creates a global platform for Entrepreneurs to access mentors and advisers, distribution systems and supply chains, connections and investment.

In 2017, Pitch@Palace Global events have taken place in Africa, China, Singapore, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico. The winners of these overseas events have been invited to Pitch their business idea to an Audience from the worlds of entrepreneurship, technology, media and investment at St. James’s Palace on 6th December.

As part of their experience, the Entrepreneurs involved in Pitch@Palace Global 2017 were able to visit the London Stock Exchange, one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges, to take part in the Market Opening Ceremony.

They are, from Pitch@Palace Africa:

Skyapps Technology: Skyapps' MamaOpe is a biomedical smart jacket that helps doctors identify pneumonia faster and more accurately.

Tuteria: Tuteria connects people seeking to learn anything with those who live around them and can teach them what they want to learn.

From Pitch@Palace Australia:

Faebella: Faebella is a luxury Activewear brand which offers apparel with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art designs.

Hire up: Hire up harnesses the power of technology to revolutionise the way Australians with disabilities find, hire and manage their support workers.

Nev House: Nev House turns recycled plastic and other sustainable materials into low cost homes, schools and medical clinics.

From Pitch@Palace China:

AI-Robotics Technology: AI Robotics has introduced a smart rehabilitative device which trains patients to walk with real walking gaits. AI-Robotics' lower limb exoskeleton robots are currently a leading product in the fields of rehabilitative medicine. Aoorey is an integrated service provider focused on optimising outbound travel. It uses the latest internet technologies to redefine the role of travel agencies, drivers, tour guides, and ground operators within the supply chain.

Beijing Puquan Scientific Technology: Trace irrigation technology can help solve some of the world's most pressing problems in agriculture. The integrated underground water-fertilizers saves water and fertiliser by up to 50% in comparison to traditional methods.

Sesame World Technology: Sesame World Technology focuses on products that tackle impaired ear health. The company pioneered the world's first integration of directional sound systems.

From Pitch@Palace LatAm:

ICH Optic Group: ICH is a Mexican company that seeks to improve quality of life through good vision. It offers high-quality lenses at low cost for those who would not otherwise have access to eye care.

Someone Somewhere: Someone Somewhere is a social enterprise and lifestyle brand that has a mission to get millions of artisans in Mexico out of poverty; combining their traditional crafts with contemporary products aimed at the millennial market.

From Pitch@Palace Singapore:

Pet Widget: Pet Widget is defining tomorrow's pet ownership ecosystem today.

From Pitch@Palace UAE:

Dwak: Dwak is a personalised medical assistant that creates a link between prescription drug users and medical facilities.

Brailleye: Brailleye is a device that helps visually impaired individuals to read independently. Its solution converts any text into braille language by scanning through a camera built into the device.

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