London Stock Exchange Group welcomes National Numeracy and KPMG to celebrate the inaugural National Numeracy Day

National Numeracy Day, launching on the 16th May, is an annual celebration of every day numbers in the UK; brought to life by the charity National Numeracy with founding supporter KPMG. The day is a chance to recognise the unique role numbers play in our everyday lives and empower everybody to feel confident using them.

Poor numeracy levels are estimated to cost the UK economy £20.2bn a year, with a £3.2bn loss to employers alone, and those with poor numeracy levels are more than twice as likely to be unemployed.

National Numeracy Day is a way to counter this narrative, with businesses and individuals across the UK pledging support and showing that they are committed to raising awareness of the many benefits of good numeracy and tackling poor numeracy levels.

Mike Ellicock, Chief Executive of National Numeracy, says: “We know from experience that attitudes have a huge role to play in holding people back from improving their numeracy skills, with many people telling us they are just not ‘numbers people’ or that they don’t believe they need to improve. However, we believe that many of us are just getting by when we could be getting ahead: earning more, saving more and doing the things we love better. Simply by getting a better grip on our numbers.”
Melanie Richards, Deputy Chair of KPMG, says: “KPMG is backing National Numeracy Day because whilst the UK has made progress on improving literacy levels, numeracy levels have gone backwards. Right now, those without good numeracy get held back in all areas of life and we want that to change. The first step is to debunk the myth that if you are ‘bad with numbers’ you can’t improve because that’s not the case. I’d urge anyone who isn’t confident in their ability when it comes to numbers to go online and try the National Numeracy Challenge tool.”

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