London Stock Exchange Group welcomes Bloodwise

London Stock Exchange Group welcomes Bloodwise

We are Bloodwise, the UK's leading blood cancer research charity. We've been working to beat blood cancer since 1960, funding world-class research and providing expert information and support to those affected. Our vision is a world without blood cancer.

We are honoured to be opening the market today alongside Ashish Prabhudesai from Barclays. We would like to give a special thank you to Barclays for their continued support of Bloodwise.

Gemma Peters, Chief Executive of Bloodwise, says:
"We are incredibly grateful to Ashish for his generous auction bid on behalf of Bloodwise. Blood cancer is still the third biggest cancer killer and the fifth most common cancer, and whilst we have made great strides in finding better treatments, there is a great deal left to do to ensure we save the lives of all patients and limit the long-term side effects that many experience. Thanks to the support from those like Ashish and his colleagues, we can continue to fund this life-saving research.

We hope they enjoy their experience at the London Stock Exchange Market Open Ceremony."

One person in 25 will be diagnosed with blood cancer in their lifetime. Blood cancer doesn't discriminate: anyone can get it, from children to grandparents, at any time in their lives. In the UK, someone is diagnosed every 14 minutes. There are 137 different types of blood cancer, including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

Over the years we have provided the investment and focus for a blood cancer research community in the UK that is recognised for its quality across the world. Four in every five of the leading blood cancer researchers working in the UK today have had research funding from Bloodwise. We've achieved a lot. But while 13,000 people still die from the disease every year, while some treatments still cause lasting harm, and while patients still need support to live with their disease, there is more to do.

How our journey began

Back in 1960, if a child was diagnosed with leukaemia, it invariably meant the end of their young lives.

The loss of a child is something no family should have to suffer, but thanks to the strength and endurance of one family that did, 8 in 10 children diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia today survive in the long term. We won't stop until they all do.

The Eastwood family lost their precious daughter, Susan, to leukaemia when she was just six years old. They channelled their grief in the only way they knew how – by fundraising to find a cure and save other families from similar heartache. By 1961, they had galvanised enough support across the UK to open the first leukaemia research unit in Great Ormond Street Hospital. Bloodwise is the legacy of their endeavours.

Today, we operate as the UK's specialist blood cancer research charity, and we still apply the same determination to finding a cure and supporting families in their most challenging of days.

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