london stock exchange group celebrates pride in London's 2020 launch

london stock exchange group celebrates pride in London's 2020 launch

Pride in London is one of the largest Pride events in the world – we are also the largest free Pride in the UK. Our mission continues to be as critical today as it was in 2013. We will continue to stand up against the voices of intolerance and hatred, we will use our platform to amplify voices in our community, we will work to ensure Pride galvanises us into action because change is still required both in the UK and abroad. The battle for hearts and minds is not over – we still need those risk-takers, rule-breakers and change-makers. For this great global city is at its best when most open and accepting, when harnessing the talents of all its people and enabling them all to live lives of equal dignity and respect.

To keep the conversation going year round, we launched Pride in the City in 2017— an initiative focused on supporting inclusivity in Business, delivered in partnership with INvolve, a global membership organisation and consultancy championing diversity and inclusion in businesses.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London said: “London is home to one of the largest, most visible and diverse LGBT+ communities in the world, one that contributes a huge amount to our city’s success – socially, culturally and economically. The capital should be a place where LGBT+ people feel truly valued, healthy, happy and safe. Businesses in London play a vital role in helping us achieve that goal for their employees and colleagues, but also for clients and customers, ensuring that people can be their best self at work.

I welcome Pride in London’s plans to further promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace and I urge organisations around the capital to throw their support behind this important initiative.”

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