The Market Open Ceremony

The Market Open Ceremony

Market Open Ceremonies take place each day at 8am at London Stock Exchange Headquarters in Paternoster Square. Hosted by a Senior Executive from London Stock Exchange Group, the ceremony offers companies joining London Stock Exchange's markets the opportunity to mark their success on the day of their admission.

Historically a bell or electronic bell marked the beginning of the trading day on London Stock Exchange's trading floor. In 1986 however, the deregulation of the market and dissolution of the trading floor saw an end to this long standing tradition. In 2011, London Stock Exchange launched a new installation that would revive this celebrated tradition in London. New companies, issuers and member firms have joined charities and leading public figures in participating in this unique event, marking the start of trading on the world's most international market.

Over 500 high definition LED screens make up the three-story installation. Market movement and prices are displayed throughout the day using real time data. The bespoke market opening mechanism is launched using an engraved glass tablet which is given to the individual opening the market as a memento of the day.


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