London Stock Exchange’s Main Market is the world’s most international market for the admission and trading of equity, debt and other securities. Its location at the heart of the world’s leading financial centre makes it the ideal home to over 1,300 companies from 70 countries, including many of the world’s largest, most successful and most dynamic companies.

Underpinned by London’s balanced and globally-respected standards of corporate governance, the Main Market represents a badge of quality for every company admitted to and traded on it and an aspiration for many companies worldwide.

The Main Market is also one of the world's most international and diverse stock markets and there are different routes to joining which are outlined below:

Routes to Main Market



The   Premium segment is only open to equity shares issued by trading companies and   investment entities. Issuers with a Premium Listing are required to meet the   UK’s super-equivalent rules which are higher than the EU minimum   requirements. Premium Listed companies comply with the UK’s highest standards   of regulation and corporate governance, as a consequence they may enjoy a   lower cost of capital through greater transparency and through building   investor confidence.


The   Standard segment is open to issuance of equity shares, Global Depositary   Receipts (GDRs), debt securities, and securitised derivatives that are   required to comply with EU minimum requirements. A Standard Listing allows   issuers to access the Main Market by meeting EU harmonised standards.

High   Growth Segment

The new   High Growth Segment is subject to the EU minimum standards and the HGS   rulebook issued by London Stock Exchange. The segment is designed   specifically for high growth, revenue generating businesses incorporated in   an EEA state, that over time are aspiring to the join the Premium segment.

As successful companies expand in today's global market place, they need capital to fund their growth. An admission to London Stock Exchange’s Main Market enables companies to access deep pools of capital and gain benefits of an enhanced profile and liquidity. These benefits are underpinned by the Main Market's balanced and respected framework of regulation and corporate governance.

Companies who are not yet eligible for Premium or Standard Listing on the Main Market can now gain access to capital via our High Growth Segment which provides companies the opportunity to fund their growth whilst preparing for an official listing in the future.

The Main Market is the destination of choice for the world’s leading companies for a flotation or when raising further capital – an admission to the Main Market represents an aspiration for many companies. In general, the Main Market suits ambitious companies that are confident that they can exploit the benefits that the market offers, and meet its high standards of disclosure, governance and regulation.

The market is truly global, with companies traded on it attracting keen attention from internationally focused investors in the UK and around the world.

The Main Market offers companies:

  • access to deep pools of capital
  • benchmarking through the FTSE UK Index Series (where appropriate)
  • high profile through media coverage, investment research and announcements
  • London Stock Exchange’s portfolio of products and services and continuing efforts to maximise market efficiency.

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