High Growth Segment

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    From High Growth Segment to the Premium Segment May 2014

The High Growth Segment (HGS) is a new segment of the Main Market, designed to assist mid-sized businesses that require access to capital and a public platform to continue their growth.

What type of company can access HGS?

HGS is for the equity shares of UK and European trading businesses that can demonstrate significant growth in revenues and a longer term aspiration to join the Premium segment of the Main Market.

Specific eligibility criteria include:

  • incorporation in an EEA state
  • equity shares only
  • revenue generating business with historic revenue growth of 20% (CAGR) over a 3 year period
  • minimum free float of 10%  with a value of at least £30 million (majority of the £30 million must be raised at admission)
  • a Key Adviser (who must be a UKLA approved Sponsor) to be retained at admission and for specific matters including notifiable transactions

You can read more about the High Growth Segment in our library of documents where you can also find some FAQs.

Click here to obtain the HGS eligibility letter.

What is the regulatory status of HGS?

HGS has EU Regulated Market status, but sits outside the UK's Listing Regime. HGS companies are therefore subject to London Stock Exchange's HGS Rulebook and existing Admission and Disclosure Standards. In addition, as a Regulated Market under the EU FSAP the relevant directives (including the Prospectus directive, Transparency directive and the Market Abuse directive) apply.

Useful Documents

HGS flyer

Issuer declaration

Key adviser application form

Key adviser declaration

Rule book