AIM20 Key statistics

  • AIM was launched with 10 companies, with an aggregate value of £82 million, on June 19, 1995
  1. In 2015, AIM is home to 1,074 businesses, with a combined market cap of £75 billion

  2. In total 3,602 companies have been admitted to AIM since its launch, raising £92 billion - £40 billion at IPO and £52 billion through further fundraisings

  3. The average market capitalisation of an AIM company has grown from £8.2 million in 1995 to £70 million in 2015

  4. Household names that have floated on AIM include ASOS, Dominos, FeverTree Drinks, Majestic Wine,and YouGov

  5. Since the financial crisis in 2008, over 530 companies have joined AIM, raising over £7.3 billion. The amount raised at admission in 2014 was 135 per cent higher than the amount raised at IPO in 2008

  6. Companies from across all sectors are represented on AIM, including 65 consumer goods companies have an aggregate market cap of £5,305 million; 119 technology companies represent a combined market cap of £10,074 million and 188 industrial companies have an aggregate market of £10,235 million

  7. The overall economic impact of UK AIM companies is equivalent to £25 billion in GDP and some 731,000 jobs

  8. The total turnover of UK incorporated AIM companies is over £50 billion

  9. In the first year post admission, companies with turnover of less than £5 million grow by 200 per cent in turnover and more than 100 per cent in employment

  10. There is a correlation between the location of AIM companies and areas with high levels of UK patents granted