Discover the London Listed Investment Funds Market

Discover the London Listed Investment Funds Market

The London listed investment fund market is more than 150 years old and provides investors exposure to a broad range of geographies and asset classes via a single listed investment fund.

What is a closed-end investment fund? Watch our short film to find out.

Listed investment funds are actively managed, closed-end structures with shares listed and available for trading on London Stock Exchange.

Key characteristics of listed investment funds include:

-          Ability to trade shares in a listed fund similar to an operating company

-          Intraday liquidity with market maker support of all listed funds

-          Ability for the fund to retain 15% of income in revenue reserves to use for dividends

-          An independent board of directors to represent the interests of shareholders

Watch our film to find out more about the London funds market and the breadth of assets and sectors that are represented.

There are over 450 closed-ended investment funds listed in London, standing at over $200bn in market capitalisation and representing over 80 subsectors.

Over recent years, we have welcomed new asset classes such as pharmaceutical royalties, music royalties, energy efficiency and energy storage within the London listed fund space. Click here for a full list of subsectors.

Find out the 30 largest listed investment funds ranked by market capitalisation as of the 31st January 2020. Click here to view the list.

You can also hear what our listed issuers have to say about the London fund market for investment companies as they share their experiences. Click to here to view the video.

For general queries on the investment fund market, please contact our team here.

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