LSEDM successfully upgraded to SOLA 7

LSEDM successfully upgraded to SOLA 7

LSEDM goes live on SOLA 7
More information about the new Features in SOLA 7 for Traders and Front-End Developers,

Monday 30 March 2015- LSEDM successfully went live on a new version of SOLA – a major technology upgrade, which enhances the functionality of the trading platform.

The new trading platform introduces enhancements to:

  • Order book: Ability to execute derivative strategies in up to 4 legs on the Order book, and prevent self matching;
  • Block trading: Fully automatic work flow for the electronic reporting of one or multiple simultaneous bilateral Block trades through the platform - a full STP solution that complements the Trade reporting process available on LSEDM.
  • Tailor-made (Flexible) series trading: Members can now create their own Flexible Series automatically in SOLA. The platform will automatically ensure that all series with the same characteristics are managed in the same pool of open interest (a Flex Series will convert to the Standard Series once the Standard is generated).

LSEDM introduced a new membership capacity, Reporting Brokers, to allow firms who only wish to initiate trades on behalf of other LSEDM Members to use the enhanced Block Trading and Trade reporting functionalities. Reporting Brokers are not required to have clearing arrangements. Firms who wish become Reporting Brokers go through a streamlined Membership process.

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