LSEDM connects to Vectalis platform

  • LSEDM connects to Vectalis Platform

London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market (LSEDM) strives to enhance its product offering and continuously looks to optimise services to its customers through increased efficiency and accuracy.
LSEDM will introduce a new channel for Block Trade reporting via connectivity with Vectalis. Block trading is the electronic entry and confirmation of bilaterally negotiated trades between two different counterparties or a single counterparty filling both sides of the trade.

Vectalis facilitates straight through processing of block trades for third party Reporting Broker member firms connected to LSEDM. The channel between Vectalis and LSEDM facilitates trade reporting of all LSEDM
products for parties to a trade.

LSEDM Reporting Brokers are able to interact with all products and wholesale trading functionality available on LSEDM trading platform (SOLA) through Vectalis.