London stock Exchange Derivatives Market

London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market (LSEDM) to focus on CurveGlobal and withdraw certain Equity Derivatives contracts effective on 21 June 2019 ("Effective Date"). 

If open interest is reduced to zero in any one of the Relevant Contracts before the Effective Date, LSEDM will consider withdrawing its service in that particular Relevant Contract prior to the Effective Date.
Trading in CurveGlobal contracts is unaffected. LSEDM will focus and further develop its support of the CurveGlobal business going forward.

Member Firms are particularly requested to note the following:

For Norwegian Derivatives:

- LSEDM currently operates a Linked Order Book jointly with Oslo Børs ASA. This will continue to operate as normal up to the Effective Date.

- All existing contracts will remain tradeable up to and including the Effective Date.

- Contract series will continue to be listed as normal up to the Effective Date.

- After the Effective Date, Oslo Børs ASA will continue to operate its Norwegian Derivatives market on a standalone basis.

- Member Firms will be able to trade Norwegian Derivatives after the Effective Date through Oslo Børs ASA, subject to having all relevant membership, trading and clearing connections in place.

LSEDM will assist any Member Firm, in conjunction with Oslo Børs ASA, that wishes to continue to access the Norwegian Derivatives after the Effective Date. A position transfer process between LCH Ltd and SIX X-Clear can be arranged. LSEDM members that wish to continue trading Norwegian Derivatives after the Effective Date are advised to contact Oslo Børs on +47 22 34 19 80 or by email

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