London continues to be the world’s international exchange

London continues to be the world’s international exchange

A Year on London Stock Exchange. Watch some of our highlights from 2018

London Stock Exchange continued to be the world’s international exchange in 2018.

We welcomed business from all over the world, with more than 110 IPOs and new listings and 500+ follow on issuances raising over £35 billion. 21 international companies listed in London, almost double the total for all other European exchanges combined.

It was a busy year for Funds, we continued to see new innovative asset classes coming to market and welcomed one of the largest ever funds listed in London.

AIM continued to fund the real economy. In total around 70% of all European growth market capital was raised on AIM in 2018.

In fixed income, over $450bn of debt was raised, with more than half from international issuers. The number of green bonds listed jumped by a third year compared to 2017, and sukuk issuance hit a record high.

ETPs continued to performed well, with 7 new issuers, 300+ new ETP listings and £100bn traded on our order book.

In total, over £1.39 trillion was traded on London Stock Exchange.