Pioneering Green Bond Segment recognised in industry Awards

Pioneering Green Bond Segment recognised in industry Awards

London Stock Exchange Group was awarded a Certificate of Recognition at the Climate Bonds Initiative Green Bond Awards on 6 March 2017. The awards, held at London's Guildhall, recognise issuers, regulators and service providers that have played a pivotal role in growing the market throughout the past year.

The awards are in recognition of leading organisations, financial institutions and governments, who have pushed green finance forward and developed the green bonds market in the past year through their pioneering initiatives and issuances, providing a positive example of low carbon investment. Launched last year, the awards are the first comprehensive suite of green bond specific awards held anywhere in the world.

This year's awards

A panel of external industry based advisers was engaged by CBI to give feedback on award categories and confirm that the awardees had met the objective criteria for inclusion in the respective categories.

David Harris, Group Head of Sustainable Business, London Stock Exchange Group remarks;

"We are proud to have been recognised by the Climate Bonds Initiative for our dedicated green bond segments which was the first green bond segment to be launched by a major exchange; with now 40 green bonds that have raised around $10.5 billion in 7 different currencies. This forms one component of our Global Sustainable Investment Centre which aims to support all our clients, including issuers, investors and intermediaries, in the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy. This follows innovative new FTSE Russell ESG Indexes and the launch of LSEG's ESG Reporting Guidance in February this year."

Climate Bonds CEO Sean Kidney comments;

"The second Green Bond Awards honor the organisations that over the past year have been leaders in the global financial sector, mobilising the capital needed to address climate change, limit carbon emissions and finance the green infrastructure of the future. This year's awards in part reflect the diversification of issuers and acceleration in the green bonds market that has taken place over the past year.

"Behind each of the award winners in each category are host of companies, institutions, municipal authorities and other organisations that have also been recognised for their contributions to climate finance, green bonds innovations and low carbon growth paths. They also deserve acknowledgement and congratulations."