ELITE Connect

ELITE Connect

By harnessing the latest technology, ELITE Connect provides the financial community with a unique opportunity to reduce their environmental impact. Launched by London Stock Exchange Group in 2015, ELITE Connect brings listed companies, institutional investors and intermediaries together in a secure digital environment to manage their investor relations and corporate access activities.

Through user-friendly technology, ELITE Connect members can reduce their consumption of fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions without having to compromise on quality.

As a member of ELITE Connect, you can:

  • Host high-quality video calls and present documents to individuals in up to 7 different locations
  • Broadcast your presentations and financial announcements to up to 300 individuals, enhancing visibility amongst the global financial community
  • Connect into presentations from other users, keeping you engaged and informed without the need for worldwide travel
  • Be part of an exclusive and secure community that supports you in building and maintaining your international network of contacts
  • Access news and articles dedicated to the latest industry insights
  • Take advantage of many more tools designed to optimise resources and streamline your day-to-day activities

To find out more, visit our website or email the ELITE Connect Team.