LSEG Derivatives Newsletter

LSEG Derivatives Newsletter

October 2018

The first nine months of 2018 will be remembered for the strong performance of LSEG Derivatives Markets, thus it is worth highlighting some key achievements in terms of initiatives and volumes.

With respect to the IDEM market, the extension of trading hours of the FTSE MIB futures and FTSE MIB mini-futures is continuing to deliver: additional trading firms started to be active in the after hours sessions, setting a new all-time volume records in October 2018 with more than 15% of mini-futures volume traded in the evening session. Overall, FTSE MIB futures volumes are up 15% and FTSE MIB mini-futures volumes are up 22% year to date, on the back of growing demand from institutional investors also overseas. Also options business has been sustained so far: FTSE MIB options have been growing by 38% year to date, while Mid Cap equity options business have been fast developing thanks to the commitment of the market making community and growing demand from asset managers: since beginning of the year circa 300,000 lots have been traded with most of volume executed on the central limit order book.

LSEDM volume to the end of September was up 79% with a particularly strong performance of IOB products where we continue to expand our product range with the listing in the central order book of options on Phosagro PJSC and PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works. We also continue our tradition of partnering with our clients in the launch of new instruments with the listing of options in Samsung Electronics DR in the central order book. Samsung is one of the most liquid DR in the IOB cash market and leading liquidity provider Susquehanna International are official market makers on the options of the South Korean giant offering investors the possibility to trade derivatives on the stock for the first time outside local market hours.

Once again, thanks for your trust, interest and investments in LSEG Derivatives Markets.


Nicolas Bertrand

Global Head of Derivatives and Commodities