LSEG Derivatives Newsletter

After the success of its first issue, the LSEG derivatives newsletter returns with a new graphic format. Thank you very much to all readers who provided feedback and suggestions.

Q4 will be a very busy quarter, with the release of our MIFID II compliant trading systems on 13 and 27 November for LSEDM and IDEM respectively.

We also have a number of public engagements which will see our teams involved in events in Chicago,
London, Milan and Lugano. It is also worth mentioning this year’s Trading Online Expo at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan with already 2,000 attendees signed up.

In this issue of the newsletter we publish an article focusing on the successful extension of trading hours for our FTSE MIB futures products on IDEM. We also host our first external contribution, the derivatives team at BCS Global Markets sharing their  experiences in trading Russian DR derivatives on our London derivatives market.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Nicolas Bertrand
Global Head of Derivatives and Commodities