LSEG Derivatives Newsletter

February 2018

With 2017 still fresh in our minds, it is worth highlighting some key achievements.
The extension of trading hours of the FTSE MIB Futures and Mini Futures on IDEM has seen tremendous follow through. Volumes have peaked in some days at over 10% of total volume thanks to the commitment of the Italian on line brokerage industry and to the internationalization of our market. IDEM has also been at the forefront of innovation with the launch of the FTSE Italia PIR Mid Cap Futures as a response to the increasing demand from global trading firms and asset managers for an efficient instrument, based on the fast-growing Italian Mid Cap sector.
LSEDM has been witnessing the return of interest for the Russian market, with volumes growing 216% compared with the year before. Thanks to the extension of listed maturity of on-screen products to 2 years, we offer more flexibility and opportunities to our clients. In addition, the new market maker connected in November and the related market making scheme for four new Russian underlyings (Severstal, Megafon, Magnit and X5 Retail) helped develop additional liquidity in the central order book and increased the product range offering on Russian DR Derivatives.
2018 is starting on a very positive note with good volume, liquidity and open interest building up across all our markets. Our derivatives teams are working on even closer cooperation with clients to continue to develop new opportunities.

Thanks to your contribution to our successes.

Nicolas Bertrand
Global Head of Derivatives and Commodities