Futures trading risks and opportunities in a post-Libor world

Futures trading risks and opportunities in a post-Libor world

Futures trading risks and opportunities in a post-Libor world:

This webinar will explore how ready the market is for the end of Libor. Key findings from Acuti’s Libor transition readiness survey will be debated.  Trading opportunities at CurveGlobal will be discussed as well as the challenges of competition.

Meet the Panel:


Will Mitting

Will Mitting, Founder, Acuiti.

Will founded Acuiti in February 2019. Building on 15 years experience in B2B publishing, he launched Acuiti to bring greater transparency to operations across the global derivatives market. Will was previously Managing Director of FOW and Global Investor Group at Euromoney International Investor plc. He has previously worked at Haymarket Media Group and also worked in Malawi where he launched the first magazine publishing business in the Northern Region of the country.


Alaistair Sharp

Alaistair Sharp, Managing Director, Credit Suisse 

Credit Suisse is the longest standing SONIA market maker, having started quoting  SONIA swaps in March 1998 at Chase Manhattan Bank when the benchmark was only a year old. He subsequently worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland and is now a managing director at Credit Suisse. 

He has seen the full life cycle of an OIS market including the launch and ultimate failure of the challenger Sterling OIS rate RONIA (a repo equivalent of SONIA) in 2011. He was part of the Working Group on Sterling Risk Free Reference rates that selected SONIA as the replacement rate for LIBOR and chaired the sub working group responsible for determining the contract specifications for SONIA futures. He has also developed an auction methodology for deriving fair market RFR term fixing rates that he has called FAIRFix.

Alaistair has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh.

Andy Ross

Andy Ross, CEO CurveGlobal.

In his current role, he is responsible for the management of CurveGlobal as well as CurveGlobal Markets. This role covers Curve's build of open interest, product innovation and key stakeholder management. Andy’s aim is to build CurveGlobal Markets into a best in class fixed income futures derivative exchange. Andy joined CurveGlobal in 2016. Andy was previously a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley where he was the Global Head of Listed Electronic Execution & European Head of Derivatives Clearing

Ian Murphy

Ian Murphy, Business Development, CurveGlobal Markets

Ian has a 38 year background in sales and trading in the financial markets.  Ian began his career at Phillips & Drew, working on the LIFFE floor at The Royal Exchange before moving to Futures Sales Desk, this was followed by sales and trading rolls at Deutsche Bank, RBS and EFG. Prior to joining CurveGlobal Ian ran the State Street EMEA Futures Execution Team. At CurveGlobal Ian has been part of the Business Development Team since November 2016.

Chantal Bradford

Chantal Bradford
Business Development, CurveGlobal Markets

Chantal works in the Business Development Team at CurveGlobal. She previously worked at a Risk Management start up, and has had Investor Relations roles in two FTSE 350 companies. Chantal is a ACA qualified accountant and has an MA in Spanish and Politics from the University of Edinburgh.

Futures trading risks and opportunities in a post-Libor world