Member Firm Real Time Data Charges

Member Firm Real Time Data Charges

Discounted Real Time Data charges are applicable in respect of Member Firms receiving data in the following categories:

  • UK Level 1

  • International Level 1 

  • UK Level 2

  • International Level 2

The criteria for eligibility for Member Firm data charges is solely in respect of business conducted by a Member Firm at specific locations registered in advance with the Exchange.

We realise that certain regulatory authorities in some countries (such as the USA) prevent broker locations, located in those countries, from taking advantage of member data charge rates, even though those offices may in fact be conducting London Stock Exchange business (routing orders indirectly through to London 'member' locations for direct execution).

We do not wish this market data policy, designed to be equitable, to preclude customer locations as a result of certain local market regulatory requirements. Therefore, Member Firms may additionally register these locations as eligible for these data charge discounts.

Please note that this criteria does not include any buy-side business entities that may be subsidaries of the firm.

A Member Firm would not be eligible for Member Firm data charges in respect of any information vending business carried on at the same location as Member Firm business.

It is the responsibility of Member Firm Compliance Officers to provide advance notification, at least 21 days in writing, of such locations, and any changes, to their Exchange Account Manager.

The Exchange provides monthly lists of eligible locations for discounted Member Firm data charges to both market data licensees and also to non-redistributing customers receiving market data directly from the London Stock Exchange. These documents can be downloaded from our 'key downloads' section on this page.

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