How to access Real Time Data

How to access Real Time Data

Connecting to the Exchange

The Exchange currently offers several types of connectivity with varying levels of management and performance. These range from a full host-to-host solution to a Vendor Access Network connection, as described below.

> Exchange Hosting

Exchange Hosting is London Stock Exchange’s lowest latency connectivity option for firms looking to gain the fastest access to the Group’s markets. Trading participants, information vendors and solution providers locate their servers physically within the Exchange’s own data centre, providing ultra low microsecond access to our trading matching engines and real-time market data.

> Network Service Providers (NSPs)

NSPs act as carriers of Exchange information and trading services to its end clients, who contract with the NSP for provision of network connectivity and sign agreements directly with the Exchange for access to trading and information.

Customers of NSPs will have service enablements set up on the Exchange’s trading and information systems in exactly the same way as a direct Extranex customer. The data and trading feeds are in exactly the same format as those received by a direct Extranex customer and are subject to the same testing requirements.

> Vendor Access Network (VAN)

Through it's Vendor Access Network model, London Stock Exchange works in partnership with vendors who have met its accreditation requirements to provide access to the Exchange's trading system via their proprietary networks.

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London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange’s network of Information Vendors allows customers to receive our data through a third party organisation.

Customers who do not wish to maintain a direct connection to the Exchange may choose to take information from a third party vendor. There are numerous distributors supplying London Stock Exchange data and information services around the world.