Investor Relations - The fundamentals - Course Agenda

Investor Relations - The fundamentals - Course Agenda


Welcome and Introduction to course objectives

 The legal framework

  • Overview  of  the main UK Company rules and laws that impact a listed company and duties in terms of internal and external information flows (Market Abuse, Transparency , Insider Trading etc...)
  • Organising the IR office
  • Involved resources • Placing the IR Office  within the company structure • Structuring the communication flows within the company and with the CEO, senior management team and the Board

 How to prepare an IR plan

  • The IR mission
  • The role of IR Manager
  • The IR targets: institutional and retail investors
  • Strategies and programmes  

Communicating value to the market

  • The key messages an Institutional Investor expects to receive
  • Tools and timing of communication
  • The relevant assets for a company valuation from an institutional investor viewpoint

 Targeted Investor Relations

  • Targeting different types of investors
  • Attracting new and overseas investors
  • The value of IR online
  • Cross-cultural communications  

Running the reporting calendar

  • How  to organise meetings with the financial community.
  • Tools and timing of investor communications

Guidelines to compiling best practice investor and analyst presentations

  • Framing Session: Presentation from global investing firm on what investors want to see in IR materials
  • Practical Session:  Delegates will be divided into sub-groups and will prepare an investor and analyst presentation