Understanding corporate financial statements


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7 December 2015

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This course will provide a practical guide for all non specialists who need a general understanding of company annual accounts. It will provide a useful, up to date view of the key issues professionals need to know regarding the language, terms and practical aspects of financial issues discussed by analysts, financial directors and the media. This one day module covers financial statements and ratios used in analysing corporate business performance. It is an interactive course and assumes no previous financial knowledge.

Why attend?

By using a real life example case study, the course will enable you to discuss financial issues with confidence and develop your knowledge of the following key areas:

  • The important features of the profit performance of a business (Income statement)
  • The various items and terms used in conjunction with the balance sheet (now the Statement of Financial Position)
  • The importance of a business generating consistent cash flows
  • The most commonly used financial ratios.

Who should attend

This one day module has been designed to appeal to the following professionals:

  • Investor relations officers
  • Media professionals and financial journalists
  • Lawyers
  • Public relations personnel
  • Professionals supporting finance teams


London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Square, London, EC4M 7LS

Other dates available:

  • 3 March 2015
  • 13 July 2015