Understanding corporate financial statements course agenda

Understanding corporate financial statements course agenda

Welcome and introduction

  • Course objectives

Understanding the key financial statements 

  • The drivers of financial reporting. Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.
  • Presentation of accounts. 
  • Accounting principles. 
  • The value of the auditors’ report.
  • Recent updates in accounting practice.

The key issues for the Financial Director 

  • Reviewing the footnotes in conjunction with the income statement.
  • Segment reporting.
  • Analysing the statement of financial position and income statement.
  • Operating leases, Off balance sheet items, pension issues.
  • Peer analysis and benchmarking.
  • The 10 key analytical questions.

12:30 – 1:30 Lunch

Presenting cash flow issues. The structure and content of the cash flow statement 

  • How to use the cash flow statement.
  • Analysing the cash flow statement.
  • The cash flow. 
  • Cash flows and benchmarking and peer analysis.

Ratios used in operating performance

  • Ratios used in capital structure.
  • Interpretation and understanding of ratios.
  • Key ratios used by the Rating Agencies and Stock analysts.

 17:00 Close