Market Maker Examination

Market Maker Examination

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1 July 2014

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(Code IDEM04)

Following the Borsa Italiana Official Notice n. 5642 dated 12 April 2010, Borsa Italiana have changed the format of the IDEM Market Makers and specialists examinations.

The interview will now be replaced by an exam which will be supervised by Academy, the London Stock Exchange training centre.

The exam provides a systematic approach to verify the candidate’s comprehension of the rules and procedures, governing market operations. Academy will support candidates with more structured learning documentation.

The methodology adopted includes a pre-exam phase where candidates can access the relevant documentation and a multiple-choice exam. If candidates are successful, they will receive certification confirming they have been appointed as IDEM Market maker or Specialist.

An application fee of £200 + 20% VAT is required to register for the exam.

For any further queries, please contact our UK campus for London-based examinations and Italy campus for Milan-based examinations:

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Academy UK - London Stock Exchange Group
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Academy Italy - London Stock Exchange Group
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