Behaviours and Influence around the boardroom table


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20 - 21 October 2014

(Code BIB03)

A recurring question of recent corporate scandals and failures, asked by investors and media commentators alike, is “Where was the Board?”. The Financial Reporting Council concluded in its 2009 review of the UK Corporate Governance Code that the quality of corporate governance is influenced by a process, but that it ultimately depends on the behaviour of directors and others.

This unique, interactive course looks at both Board process and at behaviours around the boardroom table. The decision-making responsibilities of the Board members mean that they have a strong impact on the economic performance and the strategy of a company.

Understanding a Board’s behavioural and organisational model will help to ensure better decision-making right at the top of the organisation.

A key feature of the programme is a detailed, fully integrated case study, encompassing role-play sessions. This will involve complex and diverse case analysis, including strategic decision-making, risk analysis and crisis management. During the role playing sessions all delegates will experience an active and influencing role, covering all the different aspects of a Board meeting. Delegates will receive the material required for the case study one week before the course.

Why attend?

This multi-disciplinary programme, linking directors’ duties and responsibilities with managerial and leadership insights, will help delegates to:

  • develop their personal leadership and strategy-making capabilities
  • empower their influence at senior level
  • make better decisions in the future.

The course is designed for:

  • Chairmen
  • Executive and Non-Executive Directors from all business sectors
  • Company Secretaries and Administrators
  • Investor Relations Managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Professional Advisers
  • Fund Managers


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