Learning innovation

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Learning innovation

E-learning. Blended learning. Effective learning

There are many ways to learn, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. That’s why at Academy we combine tradition with technology to give the best of classroom teaching, e-learning innovation and blended training approaches.

Face-to-face classes take an active approach to learning, with practical exercises and Q & A sessions. The emphasis throughout is on positive, fruitful interaction between teachers and learners. 

Online we combine teacher-led video learning with interactive self-learning course materials and the ability to test on an on-going basis to ensure progress.

Many of our courses are flexible, blending the two to give every student the opportunity to learn in the way that’s best for them.

Focus on collaboration

Often we learn best when we need to explain new ideas to others. This insight drives our approach to course design based on the ‘collaborative learning’ methodology.

Sometimes this is in a classroom. Team tasks and group presentations form a core part of many of our courses.

Outside of the classroom, our ‘virtual campus' e-learning platform enables us to achieve the same impact via online classes. Bringing participants together to work in small groups at a distance, our innovative approach enables team working and the creation of successful working group identities.

Personalised career paths

Everyone has a unique background, so no two people have exactly the same training aspirations or requirements. We can help at two levels.

We are able to combine courses to create individual learning programmes that offer better value for our students.

And within many of our learning courses, our e-learning platform supports customised learning paths enabling students to focus on the areas that need to most attention. Particularly relevant when studying for exam-tested qualifications.