Strategic Presentation Skills Course Agenda

Strategic Presentation Skills Course Agenda

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09:00 – 09:15 - Introduction and overview

Session One

Analysis of the Principles

This is designed to prove the apparently simple concept that we all perform best when adopting a positive, conversational style.  In other words, our personality comes over well and our listeners find the message easy to digest.  Vital to this concept is an analysis of normal conversation.

Session Two

Power of Notes

In this session, we apply the principles to a presentation in note format.  Most of us use notes as a means of reminding ourselves of the main points.  Some of us actually follow our notes.  Others use the notes as a safety net.  Participants will be encouraged to use notes in a more disciplined way than they are probably used to.

12:30 – 13:30 – Lunch

Session Three

Planning, Content and Structure for Clarity and Impact

This is an examination of the intellectual techniques of preparing the content of a presentation.  Many people spend far too long agonizing over what to say, as they do not have a well-established procedure for preparation.  Participants will see how to establish a clear objective and a concise, memorable message.  We will emphasis the importance of using conversational, easy to listen to language. 

Session Four

Re-examination of Visual Aids Using visual aids can be a very effective way of enhancing your message.  Too many visuals, however, can become overpowering or even distracting.  We will show participants how to make appropriate visual choices when preparing their presentations.

Session Five

Questions and Ad Lib-ing Know how to address the pit-falls of speaking “off the cuff” and to be able to deal with all types of questions with both confidence and credibility.

Additional Techniques

We will examine different story telling techniques.

17:00 Close