Innovation: a booster for growth

Innovation: a booster for growth

At LSEG Academy we are convinced that innovation can help the companies to boost their growth and compete effectively in their industry environment.

The reason why Dr. Chris Coleridge, University of Cambridge - Judge Business School, was invited to develop together with us a series of 4 video lessons on Strategy and Innovation related topics to the benefit of entrepreneurs, chief strategy officers and financial officers of both SMEs and large caps.

The four video lessons cover the most cutting edge strategy approaches, which follow on the current mega trends:

1. The four reasons why firms make profits
* introduction of four relevant concepts: competitive advantage | capability-based advantage | agility-based advantage | relationship-based advantage.

2. Collaborative Strategy
* overview of Michael Porter's 5 forces theory and insight on how collaborative strategy can drive advantage for companies.

3. Innovation through structure and incentives
* the innovation value chain and how the ambidextrous innovation approach can support companies in managing conflicts.

4. Innovation culture
* an analysis of the 8 common pathologies and the key ingredients for an innovative culture.

The objectives

The video lessons series will help the participants:

  • to gain an international background on innovation by approaching the most relevant innovation theories
  • to understand the innovation value chain
  • to start familiarising with a growth plan based on innovation
  • to define and implement the right culture of innovation for your company

The target audience

  • Directors
  • Senior managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Members of executive teams.

How to apply

The package costs € 350 + 22% VAT for individual (1 personal account) and € 500 + 22% VAT for companies (5 personal accounts).

To register please fill in the booking form by clicking the here above 'Buy now' button. As soon as we receive the payment, you will receive the personal credentials and the access to the training will be granted for 3 months.