Visit to Borsa Italiana headquarter

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Visit to Borsa Italiana headquarter


Financial markets and economy are always changing: Academy can offer a unique viewpoint and can create tailor made training programmes in conjunction with professors and teachers to deepen students knowledge of the financial markets.

"Inside the Markets" is offered at three levels and is aimed at university students, upper secondary schools and graduates. Every level includes a visit to the historic Borsa headquarters and a workshop, led by London Stock Exchange experts, tailored to the knowledge level of the participants.

Introductory: for young students or people who want to know more about the stock exchange and its functions. (2 hours)

Intermediate: aimed at people who have a little financial knowledge and are looking for a complete overview of markets, their functions and challenges (4 hours)

Advanced: this workshop presents the entire trading life circle, focusing on primary markets, secondary markets and post trade (1 day)

Borsa headquarter  is not only the "heart" of finance in Milan, but is also a very important piece of architecture. Palazzo Mezzanotte is a beautiful masterpiece of Italian design, which includes unique ceramic by Giò Ponti and the ruins of a Roman theater, merging different historic period in one building.