Knightsbridge Trading Academy


LSEG Academy is pleased to partner with Knightsbridge Trading Academy to deliver training for The Institutional Trader Programme. This bespoke programme is designed to provide aspirational and operating traders alike with the ability to master the skills needed to be an effective and successful trader across a range of investing disciplines. Partly taking place at London Stock Exchange , this programme is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in mastering the craft of trading in a variety of disciplines, exchanges and asset classes. The Institutional Trader Programme consists of two modules which run over three months, commencing with a 10-day intensive face-to-face learning opportunity (Module One) delivered in part at London Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square, London followed by a three-month e-learning programme (Module Two).

About Knightsbridge Trading Academy

Knightsbridge Trading Academy’s aim is to teach students the latest strategies and mind-set, so they can work inside the financial markets with confidence. The Knightsbridge Trading Academy team is made up of successful financial market traders and coaches, who collectively have over 75 years of experience, and are on hand daily to teach trading enthusiasts how to trade.