Budapest Institute of Banking

London Stock Exchange Group Academy is delighted to annouce a new partnership with the Budapest Institute of Banking.

Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB) is a leading educational centre in Hungary and offers special English-language courses to investment market participants, managers and professionals of the banking and financial sectors. 

In 2019, the partnership between LSEG Academy and BIB includes the delivery of the following three courses:

  • How to become an effective Board member, which aims to improve the professional skills of medium-sized and large-corporation managers. Workshops and case studies will be used to present expected leading roles in team work, which can be practised by attendees in an authentic but challenging educational environment
  • Effective Board Report Writing, to support managers in the production of concise, clear summaries in the decision-making process. The objective of the seminar is to offer ready-to-use practical skills while effectively supporting the best strategic decision-making process
  • Technological Innovation in Capital Markets and beyond, which will offer an insight into the authentic future analysis and the methodology of the demystification of mega trends through the DRIVE model. The subjects to be covered include the analysis of demographic characteristics, resources, inequalities, volatility and entrepreneurial ecosystem, the effect global change imposes on corporate strategies, the spread of artificial intelligence and the presentation of innovations in capital markets.