Non-executive Director development

  • Support the growth of your most talented people

Developing your talented people

Providing senior executives with the opportunity to take on a non-executive director role in another organisation is a very effective way to develop and retain talented resourses.

This can help both the individual, in terms of broadening their skills and capabilities, and the organisation, by bringing in new ideas and fresh thinking.

The approach is also a positive driver for greater Board diversity.


A programme developed in partnership with Non-Executive Directors' Association (NEDA)

Offered in partnership with NEDA, the programme will be customised to the needs of your organisation.

In agreement with you, we will make sure that the programme is designed to provide the expected value to each individual, while at the same time ensuring each candidate's suitability to attend the programme. 

Following a first phase of intensive and practical training to be an effective NED, the aspiring NEDs will receive dedicated coaching and mentoring support to help them develop the understanding and skills they need to transition from an Executive Director or Senior Manager role to being a NED. 

The programme will include a one-to-one planning and review phase looking at actions needed to go to market and find the right NED role - this will include re-shaping and crafting a CV and looking at the current NED and board landscape. Tools and document templates will be provided at each stage, as well as insight into the most successful interview techniques when the call for interview arrives.

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