CFA® Distance Learning Plus

CFA® Distance Learning Plus

Increase your CFA® Level I exam chances by combining your CFA Distance Learning with a classroom revision course. Over the five days of this course the entire CFA curriculum is reviewed in summary. Key concepts and calculations are discussed with a lot of focus on question technique. By the end of the course you should feel far more confident that you will be able to answer the questions on the day. The revision course is designed as an entire unit, not usually suitable for partial attendance.

The face to face revision course includes:

  • 35 hours of classroom based revision classes (9am-5pm Mon to Fri)
  • Provision of self‑study modules to use in addition to teaching material
  • Access to over 750 exam questions to practice in class
  • Study tips and techniques
  • One paper mock exam

The online learning programme includes:

  • Access to our virtual online classroom
  • 70 hours of video lessons
  • A full set of CFA distance learning workbooks, six in total: a) four are for the education, covering every Learning Outcome Statement in the curriculum; b) two revision books - a question bank and a book of summary revision notes, including summary tips.

The slides provide clear and intuitive explanations and include many inspiring hints to add that sparkle to the technical topics.

Progress tests

You will receive four progress tests, each around an hour, one for each of the four modules. These are of exam style and difficulty to give you an idea of how you are progressing through the syllabus.

Mock exam

This is a six-hour exam designed for you to test yourself a few weeks before the actual exam, to enable you to see which subjects you need to focus on for the final stretch.

If you are a corporate and have 5 or more candidates, please contact us for our discounted rates for multiple bookings.

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