An Introduction to Equity Markets Course Agenda

An Introduction to Equity Markets Course Agenda

09:00 Welcome and introduction to course objectives

09:10 The development of London Stock Exchange over time

  • Brief history and major milestones of London Stock Exchange Group
  • Key functions of an exchange

09:45 Primary Markets

  • How and why companies issue equity
  • Types of flotation and further capital  raising
  • Role of the UKLA and London Stock Exchange in capital markets

10.30   Coffee
10.45    Primary Markets

  • Main Market
  • AIM
  • Professional Securities Market (PSM)
  • Specialist Fund Market (SFM)

11:45    Secondary Markets

  • Instruments traded
  • Key market participants 

12.30    Lunch

13.30  Secondary Markets

  • Evolution of the trading markets
  • Membership, trading connectivity and Rulebook
  • Quote-driven trading
  • SETS order book trading

15:00  Coffee
15.15  The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers  (POTAM)

  • The role of POTAM
  • Principles of the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers
  • UK and European legislative position    

15.45 The role of London Stock Exchange in regulating the markets

  • Role of RNS in the dissemination of inside information
  • Market abuse
  • Market monitoring

16.15 How is a company’s closing share price arrived at each day?

  • How closing prices are determined
  • Understanding the auction process
  • Live demonstration
  • Watch the crossing and uncrossing process unfold through a live feed to the market

16.45 – 17:00 Conclusion

  • Equity market challenge prize giving