International partnerships

International partnerships

Tap into 300 years of market expertise

Partnering with developing markets around the world

Successful markets are the springboard to growth for developing countries around the world.

But markets are complex legal and human constructs that require careful nurturing to truly take off and drive their local economies. 

As one of the world's leading markets infrastructure groups, LSEG Academy is able to draw on its long history and expert recources to offer support to developing markets around the world.

LSEG Academy has a strong track record of developing and delivering bespoke programmes to support the growth of markets around the world. Partnering with Academy can contribute to developing countries’ economic growth and diversification through a demand-driven set of training programmes aimed at leading capital markets practitioners, policy-makers and senior management from regulators and financial markets infrastructures.

Interactive peer-to-peer learning sessions, lectures and integrated on-line/in person programmes will enable collective goal setting and knowledge transfer into deployment plans.

Capacity Building Programmes

Capacity building programmes have been designed by Academy and tailored to the major needs of our clients in frontier or emerging markets:

  • Local financial market  infrastuctures and regulators
  • Local financial market participants – brokerage firms, investment firms
  • Local companies (SMEs or large caps)
  • Universities and business schools

Some of these projects were funded by Government organisations.

Each programme is highly tailored to the partner's needs. Previous projects have been developed on the following areas of interest:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Finance
  • International corporate governance frameworks
  • How to set up an exchange system value chain
  • Derivatives and Financial instruments
  • The value chain of a commodities exchange system
  • Listing rules and regulatory framework: a benchmarking session
  • Municipal finance, green bonds and project financing

Partnership programmes for emerging markets 

Academy offers a partnership programme with foreign exchanges or local governmental institutions to maximise impact and ensure transferability of learning outcomes into daily practices.

These programmes are developed in three phases:

Connect: Introducing the role of capital markets in  economic development, highlighting best practices

This first part of the programme offers a benchmarking and networking opportunity with world-leading capital markets institutions and experts. The programme aims to offer a “peer-to-peer” opportunity to discuss success factors and constraints to capital markets development.

Impact: Building a solid capital market action plan with the key local market stakeholders

The programme aims to fill the capacity building gaps, develop a strategic plan for growth and help on the execution of a defined action plan.

Share: Setting up a regional Training Hub of Excellence in connection with LSEG Academy

During this phase, Academy supports the partner in setting up their own training hub of excellence, to support long term growth. The training hub will support the sharing of capital markets knowledge.