Supporting International Financial Markets

At LSEG Academy we’re passionately convinced that training and education are key to any economy’s successful development. We understand their intrinsic value and their power as marketing tools when it comes to attracting investors and companies to a marketplace.

So, to promote growth in emerging, frontier and mature markets, we offer three main strands of support for international market players:

We develop and deliver face-to-face training and/or ‘e-learning’ programmes for internal staff, graduates from partner Exchanges and market participants – brokers, potential and existing users and institutional investors. To ensure the effectiveness of these programmes in transferring and sharing knowledge, they are always tailored to the trainees’ backgrounds, existing knowledge and level of seniority.

Working closely with LSEG’s international staff, we can set up a partnership

  1. delivering comprehensive advisory services on the core exchange business
  2. and/or on  the implementing ation of a sustainable training business for the benefit of the local entire financial community. The advisory programme underpinning this partnership will include:
  • a detailed training needs analysis based on in-depth interviews with the target market
  • customisation of the first year training programmesAdvice on the training course marketing process
  • training for local staff in how to develop their own programmes autonomously
  • the creation of virtual communities that build skills locally by engaging the wider international client base

Ultimately, the objective of each long-term partnership is to support investment in that particular market and develop the skills that accelerate its financial growth.

Our international offering in action

Academy has delivered more than 100 training days to emerging markets such as Mongolia, Kuwait, Tanzania, Nigeria and Angola covering all the core topics relating to capital markets.
This knowledge transfer has enabled the Group to start building expertise among local exchange staff and market participants. 

The topic areas of our International offering reflect the breakdown of an Exchange Business System: Capital formation, Risk Management, Intellectual Property, Regulation and Thought leadership skills.

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