UK Listing, Disclosure and Transparency Rules

UK Listing, Disclosure and Transparency Rules

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23 October 2014

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Companies with a listing on the Main Market are required to comply with the UK Listing, Disclosure and Transparency Rules. These rules establish minimum requirements in respect of:

  • Proper communication to the market, including the disclosure of price-sensitive information
  • Shareholder interaction and disclosure considerations where significant transactions are concerned
  • Periodic financial reporting – both timings and content

With the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, scrutinising the compliance of Listed companies more closely than ever, this seminar provides an ideal opportunity for existing issuers or those considering a listing on the Main Market to understand both the fundamentals and the latest developments.

Why Attend?

The emphasis of this seminar will be on the practical implications of the UK Listing, Disclosure and Transparency Rules, demonstrating how companies should comply. Senior representatives from top consultancy firms will provide their perspective and guidance via a series of presentations and practical worked examples. The seminar will also feature a session translating the fundamentals into practical application for a listed company and delivered by a specialist company secretarial practice with extensive corporate governance experience among listed companies.

Who should attend?

This course has been designed to be of particular interest to the following professionals:

  • Company Secretaries
  • Finance Directors
  • Legal Counsel
  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations officers


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