Course agenda

Course agenda

An Evening Masterclass in Financial Markets Course Agenda
Week 1 (14 April 2015) - Introduction and overview
  • Functions of the world's financial markets - transferring funds and risk

  • What constitutes an efficient market? How are they structured? Who are the key players?

  • The clearing and settlement processes

  • Sell-Side (Investment Banks) vs. Buy-Side (Institutional Investors)

  • The role of the regulator

  • The financial crisis

  • Wrap up quiz

Week 2 (21 April 2015) - Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates and Central Banks
  • How and why the foreign exchange market functions

  • Currency types – Sterling, Dollars, Euro, Yen

  • Spot, Cross and Forward Exchange Rates

  • Interest Rates - LIBOR & Repo and other Money Market instruments 

  • The role of the Central Bank

  • Commodities and Property as asset classes

  • Wrap up quiz

Week 3 (28 April 2015) - The Bond Markets
  • What is a bond? Public and private offerings, MTN and other programmes 

  • Bond issuers

  • Bond Structure and pricing - Coupons and Yields, Yield Curves

  • Risks

  • Corporate Bonds and Credit Ratings - the role of the Rating Agencies

  • London’s Order Book for Retail Bonds

  • Wrap up quiz

Week 4 (5 May 2015) - The Equity Markets
  • Primary Markets  - Types of flotation

  • The Main Market v AIM; alternative trading facilities

  • Secondary Markets – instruments traded and key participants

  • Corporate actions - Share Splits, Rights Issues, Buybacks, Dividends

  • The regulatory framework

  • A changing environment - High Frequency Trading and Dark Pools, trade reporting and commission allocation

  • Wrap-up quiz

Week 5 (12 May 2015) - Derivatives
  • What are derivatives? Exchange traded vs. OTC

  • Options - Terminology, for hedging or speculation?

  • Swaps - Interest Rate and Credit Default swaps; Counterparty risk limitation

  • Futures - Margin requirements and Leverage - risk and exposure, role of the clearing house

  • Wrap-up quiz

Week 6 (19 May 2015) - Corporate Finance and Investment Banks
  • Overview of corporate finance

  • M&A case study

  • IPOs and secondary issues

  • Private equity

  • Banks as depositories,  trustees and prime brokers

  • Wrap  up quiz

Week 7 (26 May 2015) - Fund and Wealth Management
  • Institutional vs Private Client asset management and how they differ

  • Investment management styles, active versus passive; the role of ETFs

  • Impacts of changing legislation affecting pension fund trustees

  • How is the asset management world changing?

  • What drives strategic asset allocation?

  • Hedge funds and other specialist investment vehicles

  • Wrap up quiz

Week 8 (2 June 2015) - Insurance and risk management
  • Providers of capital and its role

  • Dependence on investment markets

  • The history and categories of risk

  • How risks arise

  • To accept, mitigate or transfer risk?

  • Classes of insurance

  • Reinsurance

  • Alternative methods of risk transfer

  • Insurance as it supports other financial institutions

  • Wrap up quiz

Week 9 (9 June 2015) - Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Traditional corporate and global banking – changing models

  • Challenger and shadow banks

  • NBFIs

  • Sifs

  • Banking post-financial crisis

  • Wrap up quiz

Post-course cocktail and networking session
Prize giving

Optional addition to the programme - A guided walking tour of the City of London including a 'lunch and learn' session.

Hosted by the course leader, Martin Russell, the walking tour incorporates visits to the City of London’s most prestigious and renowned landmarks including Guildhall, the Bank of England, London Metal Exchange and the Bank of England.  It also incorporates a ‘lunch and learn’ session with a guest speaker at a prestigious City Of London location.

Price: £150 + VAT