Our students and trainees

Academy training programmes are structured to develop key skills and competencies right across the financial practitioner and advisory communities. They are for everyone from banking and fund management professionals, to employees of listed and listing companies, to lawyers, accountants and consultants.
In particular, if you’re a bank or asset management company, we offer programmes on specific topics to help you develop the professional skills of your:

  • market operators (qualified traders)
  • back office staff and managers
  • middle office staff and managers
  • portfolio managers and investment officers
  • heads of financial product development and distribution
  • legal affairs, compliance and audit staff
  • risk managers
  • financial analysts

Meanwhile, for listed and listing companies, we have programmes driving employee development in the following areas:

  • Investor relations
  • Finance, administration, planning and control
  • Corporate communication
  • Legal affairs, auditing and compliance