Corporate Training Packages

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Our Corporate Training Credit Packages feature customised training products and service packages designed to suit your company's specific needs and budget.  Our training credits are totally flexible, providing access to a range of training interventions:

  • Access to our extensive range of open enrolment programmes held here at London Stock Exchange
  • Development of tailored learning programmes for new recruits, departments or groups
  • Blended and online training options
  • Short, sharp upskilling sessions for Boards

Academy training credits are redeemable against the following training options:

Our open enrolment programmes

With training credits, your teams can attend any of our open enrolment programmes, which are held here at London Stock Exchange. Our courses cover all aspects of capital markets from financial products, governance, regulation, corporate finance to complementary leadership and soft skills courses such as presentation skills (from introductory to advanced levels) and influencing skills. Alongside our regular course calendar, we also deliver programmes and seminars on regulatory changes, enabling your employees to keep up to date with the very latest advice and guidance on how to comply. Our open enrolment programmes also provide an excellent opportunity for your employees to network and benchmark their approaches with their peers.

You can view our latest calendar of open enrolment courses here.

Tailored training programmes designed for your organisation

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive programme on capital markets or a short, sharp regulatory upskilling session for your Board, we can develop a customised training solution to meet your learners' needs - at all levels in your organisation:

  • Interns and graduates
  • Cntinuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Executive Management and Boards
  • Board updates
  • One to one training for senior executives

Online and Blended courses

We can also effectively combine face to face with online. Using our own e-learning platform, we can organise online classes that bring participants together to work in small groups. These classes are managed by specialist teachers and tutors. Our blended courses maximise the effectiveness of online training by combining it with face-to-face modules.

We also provide corporate clients with expert advice on how best to design their learning activities and face-to-face and online tutoring based on cutting-edge methodologies.

One-to-one training sessions

We also offer one-to-one training sessions. This method can prove extremely effective as it allows each individual to personally shape their own learning. Our coach will offer constant guidance throughout the programme to support the learning process and help the individual fulfil their expectations.

London Stock Exchange Group Academy’s trainers are drawn from a pool of highly experienced market practitioners who provide practical insights on the latest trends and best practice within today’s financial markets.

How do Training Credits work?

Once you have assessed your training requirements and selected your training package, you are ready to go. Training credits provide a cost-effective and convenient method to purchase high-quality training courses. All that we ask is that you redeem your credits within twelve months.

Benefits of training credits

Training credits are a good way to spend and allocate training budgets in any organisation, here are some of the benefits:

  • Flexibility - credits can be redeemed for all our training services, including both our public, private and customised courses and you can ensure teams can attend as the need arises
  • A single transaction - less paperwork, less time consuming. By purchasing a block of training credits at once, you minimise purchase transactions throughout the year
  • Discounts - our larger training clients benefit from corporate discounts • Additional benefits available only with our corporate packages

When we have ascertained the right package for your organisation and you have purchased training credits, you can start spending them straight away.

Training credits not for you? You can also book by debit/credit card or invoice online.