Bespoke training

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Bespoke training

Get the exact training your organisation needs

Courses tailored to your specific requirements

Academy can tailor all of our courses to the specific needs of your organisation. This is particularly suitable if you have a group with similar training needs.

Our approach ensures we create the right blended learning approach for your organisation, balancing classroom teaching, e-learning and video-lessons as required, ensuring that teamwork and collaboration are key parts of the assessment.

Your learning programme can be adapted from existing public courses, or Academy can design new courses, in partnership with our expert trainers, completely from scratch.

Academy can create bespoke online courses or video-lessons focused on core financial topics for the whole client company population.

One-to-one executive coaching

In addition to bespoke courses, we can offer one-to-one coaching. This is available for anyone, but is particularly suited to executive training.

Newly listed companies, or newly appointed directors may be required to deliver on new reporting requirements, or manage investor challenges at very short notice.

One-to-one coaching with one of our specially chosen market experts can prove extremely effective, allowing each individual to personally shape their own learning.